OptimaSIU Training

Be prepared to tackle any challenge.

OptimaSIU brings training to you.

Training is tailored to each company’s compliance and operational requirements and are conveniently provided via pre-recorded and narrated slide presentations, in person training at your offices, or through live WebEx seminars. Most training is related to fraud detection through case examples and identifying red flags as well as fraud reporting.  Specialized training topics include conflicts of interest and ethics.

Multiple States directly or indirectly require your employees to receive periodic training.  Some requirements are line of business specific, some are more general.  The amount of time for training varies as well completion dates for new employees.

No worries – OptimaSIU trains in accordance your specific requirements  -  not using generic presentations but those specifically tailored to your company.  Training is interesting again. 

We monitor, and report to you, employee progress in taking the training so that you maintain compliance.