Services by OptimaSIU

OptimaSIU is a global company handling insurance fraud investigations in the United States and Europe.

Insurance fraud and related investigations are the core of what we do. 
Some examples of our services include:

  • Medical Equipment Verification
  • Credential Investigation
  • Locate a Witness
  • Invoice Verification
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Background Check
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Trial Preparation
  • Collision Impact Study
  • Expert Testimony
  • Litigation Search
  • Recorded Statement
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Driver's License Search
  • License Plate Search
  • Locate a Carrier
  • Surveillance
  • Activity Check
  • Clinic Inspection
  • Police Report Verification
  • EUO
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Asset Search

Compliance:  OptimaSIU handles all States’ requirements for fraud plans, annual reports and mandatory reports.  OptimaSIU has successfully navigated SIU compliance audits.  Preparation, filing and maintenance of fraud plans, fraud manuals and Annual Reports all done seamlessly in concert your company.  Filings are completed on time - all of the time.